Hoopology University can provide specific instruction tailored to different teams. Past team camps have included detailed instruction in the run and jump, motion offense, flex offense, secondary break, as well as many other team strategies. Coaches can tailor this 14 hour practice to fit the needs of their team.
We come to you and you design the session.

"Having the Hoopology University clinic was the best camp for my team.
Being able to involve your entire team at your own gym was a huge perk, not to mention being able to design the camp to your specific team needs.
A camp is about quality and that is exactly what you get from Hoopology. I believe our players received an enormous amount of one on one instruction that they would not have received at a regular camp. Bruce and Bryan tailored the camp so it fit the specific needs of my players.
Our players loved the camp and responded well to the instruction. They provided us with a simple plan that allowed our players to continue to improve throughout the summer. I highly recommend Hoopology University team camps and I will continue to have them at our school for as long as they are willing."

Jennifer Kovall
Head Northland Girls’ Basketball Coach

Any coach that would like a weekend clinic and can provide gym space.

Saturday 8 Hours
Sunday 6 Hours

Email us at if interested
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